Connecting Mini PBX Systems at the Office

Connecting a PBX

To start with, there is a huge number of articles, books, and publications written about the connection of mini-PBX Asterisk. Let’s try to understand whether it is worth making a choice in the direction of Asterisk’s mini IP-PBX. We will do this in comparison with analog “classical” mini-PBX from the point of view of the person of not a professional in the field of telephony, for example, the director or the head of the company.

Firstly, Asterisk itself represents a computer program with open source code, that is, completely free. Since Asterisk is used in a variety of commercial projects, this project is seriously funded by many companies offering a variety of additional equipment and paid modules that extend the system functionality.

For connection of external lines, VoIP gateways and interface cards are used. To build and connect a mini PBX  the most ordinary computer is enough, the best option is the server platform because the time between failures is much longer.

Connecting a PBX at the Office for Corporate use

Connection of external lines

To connect city lines, the one should purchase FXO gateway for the required number of ports. After this connect analog lines to these ports. Similarly, GSM sim cards and E1 streams are connected, the necessary equipment is purchased for the respective interfaces.

Terminal devices

  • IP Phones
  • SoftPhone (use headset)
  • Analog classic phones

To connect analog phones, you need to buy an FXS gateway for the required number of ports. Given the current abundance of Chinese technology on the market, this option can be reasonable only with a very large number (more than 100) of existing analog devices. Otherwise, it is worth considering for the purchase is the IP-phone.

There is a budget and free solution – Sottfos, but at the same time, it has a number of shortcomings in comparison with the hardware phone set. Slowing down of the computer with Windows will lead to loss, distortion of voice and croaking. Sound cards today are not always the best in modern computers and it’s not always possible to achieve full coordination with the headset.

IP-telephones are by far the most correct and optimal choice, only with the help of them. You can realize all the functionality of a modern mini-PBX. Most often, this happens when you use IP-telephony.

Technical support

Specialized companies usually perform the maintenance of the classic mini PBX. Asterisk offers support to the customer system administrator with average knowledge in Linux-systems. One can perform the basic settings via the Web interface using an Internet browser.


Finally, the experience of launching many projects shows that Asterisk has proved to be one of the most reliable systems. Sometimes there are hangs and almost all the equipment crashes in a large call center, and the PBX by Asterisk continues to work as a hammer.