Mini PBX For Office On The Basis Of FreePBX

PBX for office

Firstly, FreePBX is a management system, administration of Asterisk mini-PBX for office. FreePBX is an open and free software owned by the telecommunications company Sangoma. It contains all the necessary set of utilities for building a multifunctional and flexible office PBX. Besides, this PBX system is based on the Linux operating system.

Benefits of administration:

  • Intuitive and simple system management;
  • Simple organization of remote control;
  • Modular system, the ability to select only the required modules;
  • Enough for any web browser.
  • Mini PBX for office based on FreePBX

Advantages of FreePBX:

  • Ready and integrated product fully ready for use;
  • Functionality, FreePBX allows you to use almost all the features of Asterisk, I do not resort to programming and changing the configuration files of the system;
  • When installing from the box, there is no need for in-depth knowledge of telephony and the operating system;
  • Quick start and configuration, there is no need to write complex configs, it’s all already in the system;
  • Modularity, you can only select the modules you need to use.

Disadvantages of FreePBX:

  • The complexity of the system, with an interface without knowledge of the basics of the work of IP-telephony to an inexperienced person. As a result, it’s difficult to adjust everything yourself and have to resort to qualified specialists;
  • A large server load, additional services, and a database then one Asterisk does;
  • In addition, large Asterisk dial-plan makes it difficult to find errors and bugs in the settings;
  • For beginners use FreePBX, does not contribute to learning and understanding the settings of the Asterisk.
  • Nevertheless, the functionality and convenience, in the field of IP-PBX, equal to FreePBX are still not there.