Office PBX Asterisk / FreePBX / Elastix

Office PBX

Modern office PBX, it is an optimized and productive computer or server, with the necessary IP-PBX software installed. The capacity and capabilities of PBXs today depend only on server performance.

To date, many manufacturers offer a base (appliance), an iron platform for automatic telephone exchanges Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix. A good example, there may be OpenVox devices:


Office automatic telephone exchange OpenVox IX132

OpenVox IX132 is a standard 19-unit equipment and allows the users to connect up to two PCI-E interface phone cards, with any combination of FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI, GSM or transcoding. Additional hardware RAID-1 support provides the best backup for your system. When installing RAID1, users can see the status of the storage device in the GUI, and then simply replace the backup HDD as needed without opening the hardware. Moreover, in IX132 there are two ways of feeding: internal and external, to choose one of them for inclusion in IX132.

IX132 supports most IP protocols, including SIP, H.323, BRI, PRI, SS7, GSM and some transcoding protocols in CPE. Taking all the advantages of the open source platform, it is possible to install Elastix®, PBX in a FlashTM, FreePBX IPPBX on IX132.


Office PBX OpenVox IX210

Ix210 additionally has a modified design and LCD-display on the external panel. This is convenient for the user, the ability to check the IP address, the system load and so on. In addition, the ix210 has an additional redundant power supply.