Setting Up the Mini PBX – General Guidelines

Setting up a PBX

Setting up a mini PBX – Asterisk is a complete solution for building a modern and functional mini PBX. Firstly, Asterisk platform has gained immense popularity around the world. Besides, it has its unlimited possibilities, reliability, and openness. Also, the programmers and hackers all over the world work daily on the reliability, security, and functionality of this.

Office Mini PBX Asterisk benefits:

Therefore, let’s compare Asterisk solution with the similar from the point of view of the following components:

  • Flexible setting of dial plan operation logic
  • Support for a large number of IP telephony equipment
  • No restrictions on the number of subscribers and lines, communication channels
  • No need to purchase any licenses
  • Auto attendant, voice menu
  • Intuitive web-based user interface
  • Record conversations, with a search and a filter system
  • Full details on calls and reporting
  • Voice mail and answering machine
  • Virtual fax server
  • Office Mini PBX

Furthermore, hardware automatic telephone exchange (Samsung, Panasonic, LG) is less reliable in comparison to technical possibilities of given office automatic telephone exchange Asterisk.

Why Choose Asterisk PBX for office?

Asterisk is the popular and well-known producer of IP telephony software and equipment. As a result, it proved itself as the reliable manufacturer. Besides, Asterisk can determine whether your employee is in the workplace, forward the call to his mobile, and send an incoming call from the client to his manager who has already communicated with him and is aware of all his transactions and events.

Finally, the Asterisk PBX setup is much faster, because compared to the usual phone systems – Samsung, Panasonic, LG, the whole setup is done through an intuitive and simple interface.  Consequently, there is no need to buy a special cable, look for drivers and the latest version of the utility, for a particular version of hardware Analog telephone exchange, or even worse, make all settings from the system phone, service codes.